Llampingachos crisp golden potato cakes with queso fresco, scallion, peanut salsa and pickled red onion relish

Pinonos sweet plantain pinwheels stuffed with ground pork, peppers and golden raisins, topped with bubbling melted oaxaca cheese

Pomegranate Guacamole with Pepitas hass avocado, garlic, habanero, tomato, pomegranate, cilantro and red onion served with organic corn chips

Black Bean Hummus toasted cumin, sesame, scallions and toasted pita triangles

Edamame Hummus cashew, cilantro, garlic and toasted pita triangles

Tamalitos butternut squash masa with chipotle chicken filling OR swiss chard masa with roasted poblano goat cheese and golden raisin filling

Sikil Pak traditional mayan-style green pumpkin seed dip with roasted tomato, garlic, sour orange and lime served with jicama and cucumber sticks and tortilla chips

Empanada de Picadillo flaky turnover filled with ground meats, dried fruits, tomato and herbs

Almond-Crusted Shrimp Cakes pink shrimp with sweet potato and garlic, scallion-parsley aioli

Panuchos crisp handmade corn tortilla topped with black beans, pulled pork OR chick en, pickled red onion relish and tangy green habanero salsa

Fuerte/ Mains

Paella saffron infused Spanish bomba rice topped with organic chipotle chorizo, marinated chicken, shrimp, mussels, clams, peas, sundried tomato, fresh herbs and lemon. Served with sides of Tortilla Espanola (crisp potato cake with wilted spinach and roasted red pepper aioli), Goat Cheese-stuffed Pepadew Peppers, Carambola Mixed Gree n Salad, Sourdough Toasts with Artichoke Pesto spread.
*vegetarian Paella is available upon request.

Cochinita Pibil succulent Yucatan – style pork shoulder marinated in sour orange juice and mild ground chiles then wrapped in banana leaves and slow roasted until tender. Accompanied with Salsa Verde with fresh orange, pickled red onions and housemade flour tortillas. Served with sides of Black Bean Soup with Chicharron and Queso Fresco, Cuban Garlic Rice with Fried Plantain Bits, and Carambola Mixed Green Salad.

Cuban Pork with Orange Mojo and Cilantro Ginger Sauce spice-rubbed pork shoulder slow roasted and pulled, then bathed in orange and garlic mojo, served with a side of creamy cilantro – ginger – jalapeno sauce. Served with sides of Mexican – style Jicama Slaw with Apricot and Fresh Orange, Twice – Fried Plantain Chips, Black Beans and Cuban Garlic Rice.

Mole Poblano Chicken (Mole Poblano is a traditional Mexican sauce made of toasted seeds, spices, dried fruits, dried chiles and a touch of Mexican chocolate) served with Sweet Corn Pudding, Xuxu Slaw with Citrus and Golden Berries, and Plantain Rice Pilaf.

Blackened Pork Tenderloin topped with Red Onion Escabeche and served with brown butter mashed potatoes, sautĂ©ed haricot vert with dijon vinaigrette, sparkling tomato – persimmon – pomegranate salad and classic white rolls.

Coconut-Crusted Chicken Breast with Smokey Tamarind Sauce golden, tender chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and spices then coated in wide-chipped coconut topped off with tangy tamarind and morita chile sauce. Served with Qunioa and Rice Pilaf with fresh mango and peppers, and your choice of two salads and rolls.

Classic Tamales Mexican style tamales with your choice of fillings (roasted chicken simmered in tomatillo salsa; red chile braised pork; roasted sweet potato and black bean with goat cheese) served with Cinnamon – scented Rice Pilaf, Dominican Black Beans , Sparkling Tomato – Persimmon – Pomegranate Salad and Carambola Mixed Green Salad.

Gourmet Taco Bar your choice of roasted and braised meats (Yucatan – Style Pulled Pork with Sour Orange and Mild Chiles; Chicken braised in tomatillo – chipolte salsa; Slow – Cooked Cumin – Scented Beef), with an array of toppings (fresh pico de gallo; roasted poblano chile strips and corn in cream sauce; salsa verde; toasted guajillo chile salsa; shredded cabbage; sweet potato fries; classic guacamole; pickled red onion relish; chipotle crema) and Sweet Plantain Rice Pilaf, Dominican Black Beans, and
your choice of two of our signature salads.

Dulce/ Dessert

Mexican Chocolate Mousse with Cinnamon-Almond Cookies creamy mexican chocolate mousse topped with spiced whipped cream, fresh berries and a crisp cookie

Oaxacan Style Tres Leches Cake vanilla sponge soaked in a trio of espresso – infused milks topped with toasted meringue and oaxacan chocolate shavings

Flan de Queso cream cheese flan with cinnamon – orange caramel sauce and a dried pineapple flower

Almond Cream and Caramel Apple Pie Bars layers of apple butter, almond cream and caramelized apples dusted with cinnamon powdered sugar

Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd coconut cake soaked with coco lopez and lime syrup then layered with lemon curd and topped with cream cheese icing and wide-chipped coconut

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Bars pecan shortbread topped with dulce de leche and chocolate custard, topped with Maldon Salt

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