Cooking Classes

We offer hands-on cooking classes taught by Colomba Aguilar, chef/owner of Cafe Carambola. Class sizes are limited so you’re sure to receive one-on-one instruction in a friendly environment where all of your questions are sure to be addressed. All hands-on classes are $65.00 and include all ingredients; payment is required at time of registration. Below are the classes that are currently scheduled.

“Basics: Knife Skills and Flavor Profiling”
Thursday, September 14th
5:30 to 7:30pm

Come and hone your knife skills with Chef Colomba! She will help you master basic cuts and techniques, giving you plenty of confidence in the kitchen. This class will also focus on teaching you to identify basic flavors as well as learn to layer and balance them. You’ll practice both skills by preparing small, simple dishes such as fresh chopped salsas.


Tuesday, September 19th
5:30 to 7:30pm

The art of tamale making is often feared to be a lot of work, but with modern kitchen equipment and a little know-how, you can turn that hard work into good times with friends and family. A homemade, mouth-watering, steaming hot tamale is always worth the effort and in this class chef Colomba will teach you all of the need-to-know basics as well as how to create your own unique savory and sweet masa and fillings.


“Fall Soups”
Tuesday, September 26th
5:30 to 7:30pm

As the seasons change and fall approaches it is time to think soups! Here, we’ll discuss and profile flavors as we learn to balance and layer them to create exciting and interesting ethnic soups. We’ll also learn about using garnishes to add texture, color and flavor…the results will be stunning soups that will dazzle your eyes and dance on your palate!


“The Traditional Mexican Kitchen”
Thursday, October 12th
5:30 to 7:30pm

Mexico’s cuisine was the first in the world to receive UNESCO world heritage status and this class will teach you why! Come and explore the flavorful world of corn, chiles, beans and squash through Chef Colomba’s creations. The authentic Mexican kitchen is fresh, healthy and unique. Our menu will include a fabulous soup, scratch-made tortillas and enchiladas.


“Nuevo Latino Salads”
Thursday, October 19th
5:30 to 7:30pm

Nuevo Latino cuisine lends itself perfectly to the creation of fresh, vivid salads. Here we’ll use traditional ingredients to create healthy, texture and color-rich salads.





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